IMG_7498Happy Father’s Day!

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Spring Beauty

Hello!  Remember me?  Sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately!  I wanted to pop in and show you some beautiful spring portraits of this Little Love.  What a doll!

Ellie fb

I love this one below!  (You can click on the images to enlarge.)

HJ7A0509 bw fb

Please hop over to Facebook and “like” Catherine Amiss Photography if you haven’t already.  🙂  Hope you are having a fabulous day!


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Late Winter at the Park

After a long, cold winter, yesterday’s weather was quite literally the breath of fresh air many of us needed.  Busy with daily life, I kept itching to get outside, and decided on an impromptu photo session with Micah while Austin was at karate.  I had about a half hour before we left to gather my camera (SD card/lenses, battery) and have Micah toss on a sweater, and I am so glad we made the effort.  Often trying to get pictures of my boys is like trying to herd cats (or dogs, depending on their moods), but yesterday was one of those magical late afternoons that I know I will look back on wistfully, with a sentimental heart.

He was a king.  I was a princess, and for some reason there were a lot of poisonous plants trying to attack us.  Fortunately, a green sword and a Nerf revolver made us invincible.



This one (above) reminded me of somebody….

Mr Tickle




Those boots…they are actually one of the reasons for the photos.  Micah has worn rain boots more days than not for almost a year.  He rotates between several pairs and I adore it.  But he recently got a new pair of Sketchers…and apparently they are “really fast.”  I imagine when you’ve been wearing rubber boots and slightly-too-tight-sneakers for a year, that new tennis shoes really do make you quite fast.  I’ve started to see less and less of the boots.  And this mom needs to remember.



HJ7A0035 bwSilly boy!

The one below is on the playground equipment at the park (the others were on the park walking trails – so pretty!).  He was watching out of our “castle.”  Incidentally, he was also trying to save 500 million dollars to buy the other castle nearby.  Sadly, we didn’t manage to swing it.  Heehee, a little unintentional park pun.

HJ7A0027 bw


The photographer in me cringes a bit at this image below, of Micah standing in the field.  The mother in me cheers, “Yes!”  This one is my favorite.   He was telling me jokes and had just gotten me to say “underwear”  (“It’s under there.”  “What’s under where?”  He and Austin do not grow tired of this.)  Isn’t he cute?  Unfortunately, the picture was underexposed by more than 2 full stops (i.e. it was dark).  And despite what you may hear in the media, Photoshop cannot take a dud and turn it into a gem.  So that’s why it’s grainy and I didn’t bother with correcting the lens flair.   It is probably the best picture in the world, though.  Well, my world.


And this is how our day ended.  When we pulled up the driveway, Austin and Ezra were home and we ran to pull them outside to view the celestial masterpiece.


This morning I heard Micah asking Ezra how to spell some words, followed by a giggle and “I did a BIG E!”  Then he ran up to me and dropped off this note.  It says, “What about we go to the park [today]?”  I guess he had fun too.


Do you see the big E, lol?!

My older son, Austin, turned 10 this weekend.  I am eager to capture this milestone in a photo session for him soon!

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Six-Month Portraits (Children’s Session Preview)

I just love this preview!  The session was scheduled to commemorate this little beauty turning 6 months old.  Six months is such a great age.  You moms know what I’m talking about…when they are generous with the smiles, sleeping fairly well, and NOT YET MOBILE!   When my oldest was a baby, I remember the day I set him down on his little activity mat; he was good with his toys…I went to get something (my coffee, most likely), came back and he was not. where. I. had. left. him.  And life’s been crazy ever since, lol!

How perfect is she?  I love the soft colors of the background and of course that hat!

HJ7A9500 5x7

I see baby teeth!


I’m very fond of big brother.  He is friends with my son, Micah at preschool, and is such a nice kid.  I can’t get over his gorgeous eyelashes, but I refrained from calling him “stunningly beautiful” because this year I have learned from Micah that that is definitely not cool.  (“I’m handsome, Mom; NOT cute!”)


Love that smile!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

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My Magical Wild Things

You are likely familiar with the book, Where the Wild Things Are.  I never had a strong fondness for it as a child, but my 5 year old, Micah can’t get enough of Max whipping those Wild Things under his reign.  Now it’s kinda my favorite, too.


And here’s my little wild thing all dressed up as “Max, king of all wild things.”






Oh, I could eat him up I love him so! (I’ve had entirely too much fun quoting this book lately!)


And here is the magical Harry Potter, a.k.a. Austin, my 9 year old:


He thought the dollar-store-find-clown-glasses-with-the-lenses-popped-out were a bit goofy, but he humored his mom with a quick snap…..


….then decided he would simply be “a Gryffindor.”  (With an uncanny scar resemblance to Harry Potter.)  My sweet-faced boy, sigh.  ❤


Oh, no!  The broom says, “Made in China” where is should say “Nimbus 2000!”


I hope you all have a wonderful evening with trick-or-treating with your little ones, or maybe just hunkering down on this last October evening with a cup of cocoa (glass of wine? potato, patato) and someone you love.

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More Cute Than Spooky

Good morning!  I thought I’d share a few images of some super-cute kids all decked out for Halloween to get us in the mood for chasing some chocolate tonight.  (Actually, it’s more than a couple pictures.  Grab a cup of coffee and take 5 to relax!)

First up we have an adorable native american chief.



I adore this picture, below.  I love his face and the ethereal feeling.

HJ7A8921 bw

And here is Captain Jack Sparrow.  Below must have been Captain Jack as a boy….


……and here he is as a man, lol!  Love the hair and beard.


HJ7A8871, 8866

Sweet brother picture, below. 

HJ7A8948 bw LCD

Next up we have the cutest little wrangler!



I can’t stand it; he’s too adorable!


And here is the most dashing Mario….



….and the sweetest cowgirl, in her beautiful costume, handmade by her grandmother.

HJ7A8850, 8856

I have a few more to show you, but I’m juggling this work-mommy thing so many of you know so well, so I’ll pop back in later today with a double post!  I’m off to a pre-school Halloween party!  I’ve been a little short on sleep lately, so here’s hoping that none of the kids think I’m dressed up.  :-/






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Autumn Family Session Preview

The skies had been ominous the entire day, but thankfully the drizzle subsided for a few hours, and we were able to have a delightful family session downtown.  I adore this picture of Brother, below.  Those EYES!


Little Sister is just a complete bundle of adorableness.   Yeah, that’s right, adorableness!

HJ7A2461 bw HJ7A2504

HJ7A2539 bw

Such a beautiful family!

HJ7A2470 b


Yea, for peak fall time!  The beautiful leaves, the cool temps, the warm drinks…I do hope that admidst the challenges and chaos of daily life, that you get a chance to look around and appreciate the beauty of the season!

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