Welcome Audrey Catherine


We welcomed our little Audrey Catherine into this world on April 1, 2015!  I managed to carry her for 37 weeks/3 days, before my water broke late March 31st and I knew I would be having a baby on April Fools Day.  Having a history of preterm babies, this was a huge blessing!

She will be a month old tomorrow.  I can’t tell if it feels like time is flying or not.  It seems like we just got home from the hospital…yet a full night’s sleep is barely in my memory!  I’m 38; I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old.  I feel I have some perspective on just how fast children grow.  Yet I completely forgot just how intense these first few weeks are!  My girl wants to be held all the time and I am embarrassed to admit how long I’ve been wearing the same pair of yoga pants.

I’m so glad I made an effort to get newborn portraits of her.  This one below, was taken when she was only 5 days old.  To get newborn portraits of your baby curled up, the earlier they are taken the better.  A few short weeks later, I doubt our Audrey would put up with being folded up and expected to sleep through a photo session.  HJ7A5971HJ7A6102HJ7A6126I’m kind of loving the hand-knit bonnet.



Love catching a newborn smile!!!

HJ7A5952 5x7I prefer to think of her as an Easter baby, rather than an April fool’s baby.  🙂  Easter was just 4 days later, and happened to fall on my birthday this year.  What a gift!

HJ7A5962 bw

Perhaps you’ve seen baby portraits that feature infants with remarkable head strength for a newborn.  Let me let you in on a little trademark secret….most of them are composites, or a blend of 2 or more images.  (And they should be composites, for the safety of the baby.)  A little Photoshop magic….and tada!  It’s important to keep the angles the same and the camera as still as possible in order to seamlessly blend the images.

show composite3Proud big brothers, Austin and Micah.  I’m amazed at how they’ve taken to her.  They are so patient with her crying and offer endless kisses and sweet words to her.  I am looking forward to the day she rewards them with dazzling smiles and laughs.


HJ7A6143 bw

Here she is at 8 days old looking all alert at her grandmother.  I love the picture below, because it is truly a candid.  Nothing about it was posed; just my boys and my mother adoring our newborn.  🙂

HJ7A6133 4x6HJ7A6260 bwHJ7A6406 bwSweet little head.

HJ7A6365 bwMy photo assistant – unshowered, unslept, and yet still so handsome!

HJ7A6380 bw

HJ7A6354 bw

HJ7A6392Love her sweet toes!

HJ7A6237HJ7A6323 bwSpring is my favorite season (minus allergies, ugh!).  I just love that the cherry trees were blooming when she was born. HJ7A6053My husband took a few pictures, below, of my daughter and me.  She is wrapped in a blanket that both my mother and I were brought home from the hospital in.  I will have to see if I can find the picture of me, as a newborn wrapped up in it.  I don’t have a photo of my mother, in 1947, in the blanket, but how cool that it has carried 3 generations of baby girls home!

cherry blossoms

Little baby details.


I will be on maternity leave through May, and will be open for business starting June 1st.  (T.B. – I have you down for the end of May!) I am scheduling sessions now, so feel free to  contact me via email at catherineamiss@verizon.net or through my website at http://www.catherineamissphotography.com at any time.

I thank all of you all again, for your kindness and flexibility you have shown me during a difficult pregnancy.  I’m a bit partial, but isn’t the result fabulous?!  🙂


About catherineamiss

Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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