More Cute Than Spooky

Good morning!  I thought I’d share a few images of some super-cute kids all decked out for Halloween to get us in the mood for chasing some chocolate tonight.  (Actually, it’s more than a couple pictures.  Grab a cup of coffee and take 5 to relax!)

First up we have an adorable native american chief.



I adore this picture, below.  I love his face and the ethereal feeling.

HJ7A8921 bw

And here is Captain Jack Sparrow.  Below must have been Captain Jack as a boy….


……and here he is as a man, lol!  Love the hair and beard.


HJ7A8871, 8866

Sweet brother picture, below. 

HJ7A8948 bw LCD

Next up we have the cutest little wrangler!



I can’t stand it; he’s too adorable!


And here is the most dashing Mario….



….and the sweetest cowgirl, in her beautiful costume, handmade by her grandmother.

HJ7A8850, 8856

I have a few more to show you, but I’m juggling this work-mommy thing so many of you know so well, so I’ll pop back in later today with a double post!  I’m off to a pre-school Halloween party!  I’ve been a little short on sleep lately, so here’s hoping that none of the kids think I’m dressed up.  :-/






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Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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