Printable Lunch Box Notes

Are you back into the school routine yet?  Sorta, maybe?  (As in “yes,” I’ve signed homework planners every night, and, “no!”  I can’t get up without hitting snooze at least twice?)  I find that the beginning of school has good intentions that parallel those of January 1.

*I will pack only healthy, nutritious lunches! *I will read to my child every day!  *Bedtime is at 7:30 sharp!  *I will not be in my jammies when they leave for school! (Those with older children, feel free to fill in the blanks:  *_____________something, something re-learn Algebra so I can help with homework!)

Come October, we all know how those “resolutions” play out.  I’m just hoping mine are still young enough to not care that I’ve merely pulled a sweater over that nightshirt of mine.  And Lunchables?  They count as packing, right?

So while it’s still September, I decided we could try to be the rockstar moms that Pintrest tells us we can be.   You know those cute little notes designed to slip into your kids’ lunch box?  I’ve got a super-great round-up of free printables.  I remember in Elementary school, getting the occasional sweet thought from my mother scrawled on a napkin.  It made me happy.  I don’t think my boys care whether my well-wish comes from a napkin or a well designed digitally printed card, but in this day and age, I find using my printer easier than wielding a Sharpie on a Kroger brand napkin.

On a side note – I have a few go-to professional graphic designers that I adore and use for things like holiday cards and baby announcements from time to time. (Love Jamie Schultz Designs!)  I do some of my own graphic designing as well, but I have such a respect for a good professional designer!  It can be easy to recreate something, but it’s entirely different to come up with a creative idea from scratch and bring it to “life”, if you will.  When I was searching for lunch box cards, these (new to me) designers’ and hobbyists’ creations jumped out at me.  Here’s the three I chose to share with you:

1.)  This is a set of 4 beautifully simple cards.  You can find the download link and the blogger/creator’s images of the whole set here:

I love the clean lines and aqua accents.



The next set, below, is from an amazing professional design/branding company named Silver Box.  Find the download for them here:




And the last set is probably my favorite…because I think my 9 year old son will like them best.  We are hovering between the age of “Cool, my mom wrote me a note” and “Dude!  My mom wrote me a note with a heart…how embarrassing.”  So for him I will skip the aqua flowers and send him jokes.  With a note, of course.  🙂



The “joke” lunch box note cards come from an awesome blog that I just found and am super excited about.  It’s called All for the Boys and is full of boyish crafts and ideas.  I’m the lone girl in the Amiss household and I can use all the help I can get.  The blogger even provides you with nicely bordered blank note cards, so you can write your own jokes.  Girls will love these too!  (How do you get a tissue to dance?  Put a little boogie in it!  I learned that one from a tiny photography client years ago.)

So grab some plain white cardstock (or whatever paper you have lying around) print off some cards, and send a smile in your Little Loves’ lunch boxes this week!

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Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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