I am going to attempt to skip over the awkwardness of my extended hiatus from blogging and move straight to showing off some pictures of my gorgeous family.  But first…I believe I left you hanging with an unfinished storage unit in our playroom.  Here’s the final result!  It’s been done for quite some time, so we have been living with it and we love it!  The bins are labeled for easy pick-up so no excuses from the boys!  We have found this is the only area in the house that stays tidy, as the bins are not conducive to shoveling items all willy-nilly such as the boys tend to do with traditional shelving units.

I thought I’d share some pictures of our family and extended family.  Here’s Micah having tons of fun with one of his cousins, Violet, during a spring-time visit.

Below is another one of my nieces, Anna, wearing an outfit that my parents brought back from India.  She loved it and wore it for 3 days straight.  Ha!

Pretty girl!

Little sister, Grace giving me one of her gorgeous smiles.

Silly girl!

I love this one of Grace, below.

Next are a few pictures I took of my boys to give Ezra for Father’s Day.  Aren’t they sweet?

June brought a crazy week long power outtage for many people in our area.  Micah’s birthay party had to be rescheduled for almost a month later.  We had family over for lunch and a Diego themed party.  Pinata Diego looks a little odd!  lol!  (My brother and his family had already left when I took this one, below.)

My newphew, Colin and his sister, Kylie had fun on the swingset!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!  We’re gearing up for school and a fabulous Fall photography season.  Don’t forget to book your Fall photo session early, especially if you want a Saturday in October, as those are the most desired weeks of the entire year.  I’ll be back soon with some sweet newborn pics!

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Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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