Roses, chocolate….filet mignon and treasure?

Happy Valentine’s Day! My 6 year old, Austin elected to have Toy Story valentines this year. I am enjoying the brief window of time with my 2 year old where he couldn’t care less about what his valentine’s look like, so long as I let him eat a “lollee-pop” from his treat bag. So I created this cute little number, below, to hand out to his pre-school class and to mail to family. It features an adorable robot on the back that says “U R A QT.” (Read the letters out loud.) 🙂 It also has my website shamelessly splashed about the back. Actually it’s small and tasteful…..(gee, maybe I should have gone bigger. )

A couple of years ago, I planned out a Valentine’s “treasure” hunt for Austin. He loved it so much he requested another hunt the following year. So a few weeks ago, when Austin mentioned the treasure hunt we “always” do for Valentine’s day, I realized I had in fact created a new tradition. Part of me thinks, “How cool!” The other part of me was left with visions of a 20-year-Austin searching under the couch cushions with a treasure map in hand. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (perhaps literally?) I was in Michael’s not long after that conversation and saw the *perfect* map holder. It’s made of wood and cost only 1 dollar! Score! I bought one for each of my two boys.

I made up 6 clues and sketched out a little map for the oldest (stickers on the map of Micah’s).

Austin was SO excited and Micah was excited to be part of something his big brother found thrilling. The final clue led out to their outdoor playhouse where the treasure was waiting. Because I know you’re just dying to know what the loot was, here’s a picture:

The mugs are “chalkboard” mugs. Very awesome. (From Wally-world.) Micah’s been bugging me about eating more marshmallows all afternoon.

Our other Valentine’s tradition slowly evolved from being reluctant to fight the dining-out crowd and hesitation at asking my parents to watch the kids on Feb. 14. (It is their Valentine’s Day too, after all.) So now we get the boys to bed nice and early and we cook a nice yummy meal together, usually by candlelight. We seem to always choose filet mignon, and let me tell you we have some beauties to cook up tonight, complete with a red wine shitake sauce….yummmm.

Let me leave you with some chocolaty pictures of a little tasty treat I got for my husband. These are truffles from Chocolate Paper. I got them for Ezra last year and they were divine. (He shares.) 🙂 Now if you do take my advice and visit Ch. Paper, please don’t gasp at their prices. You must think, “$20 for a nice, gourmet box of chocolates isn’t too bad,” rather than “Ah! That tiny heart is $1.87! For one bite!” At least that was my rationale.

And here are the roses my sweet husband gave me.

Have a wonderful day!  I’m off to cook up some steak!

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Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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One Response to Roses, chocolate….filet mignon and treasure?

  1. Carson Kistner says:

    This entry was especially fun to read after getting a glimpse of the real stuff AND the excitement and energy pervading your home this afternoon! I had to wonder about the continuation of the second tradition of “getting” the boys to bed nice and early and cooking a nice yummy meal together.” A few more years and they won’t let you get away with that! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my favorite families! xoxoxo

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