Fall/Holiday Schedule and What to Wear

Today finally feels like Fall – yea!  Even though it’s rainy, it’s a nice change of pace from the 90+ degrees we had all last week.  I’ve been feeling so busy-busy, rush-rush lately that I decided to try to sloooow down today and enjoy some time with my “baby” (he’s two).  We picked up Micky D’s for lunch and had a picnic on our [covered] front porch.  It was so nice!

Have you gotten “Fall Fever” yet?  I ran to the store to pick up ingredients to make pumpkin soup (it is so very good) but by the time I got home with both boys, put stuff away, helped with homework, and fussed at my kids for whining, I lost my steam….so it was take-out (and husband) to the rescue!  Fall Fever meet reality.  🙂

Maybe Autumn feels like it’s just starting to you and perhaps the holidays seem ages from now.  For photographers, the fall/holiday season is one and the same.  So let me go over some holiday deadlines that will be here before we know it!  The last day for a photo session to have your portraits back by Christmas is November 20th.  If you need to ship your pictures, or have them shipped to you, please plan accordingly and add extra time.  I do not book any sessions for December, as there is not enough time to get things back before Christmas and because I spend that time finishing up orders that need to get to clients on time!  Also, please note that Catherine Amiss Photography is closed during the entire month of January.  I still check email and return messages, so feel free to book early for prime spring time sessions.

Saturdays in October are all booked.  Currently, I have the first 2 Saturdays in November still available (the 6th and the 13th.)  If you are desperate for the bright-leaf seasonal family portrait, then call me asap and I will try to work you into a weekday.   I’m going to try and get my Christmas Cards examples up on the site/blog soon, so be sure to check back if you are interested in cards this year. 

Let me leave you with a few more clothing ideas to help get you ready for your upcoming Fall Sessions.  I especially like the first grouping, and the way the mom’s scarf ties in [sorry for the pun!] with the girl’s sweater.  (Double click on image to enlarge.)

Now go drink a cup of apple cider, already!  🙂

About catherineamiss

Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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