Sigh…..{heart, heart, heart}

Last night my sweet hubby was giving the kids a bath while I was working. I happened to look out the window and noticed the amazing, foggy lighting outside. You know, the kind you get when it’s been raining all day and then the sun breaks throught the clouds, right before sunset. Ahhh…So I yelled up to Ezra to please get Austin out of the bath pronto, while I grabbed the baby and my camera. I’m so glad I got these shots….I just love my 3 boys! Sigh…I think these will make a great Father’s Day gift. I’m counting on Ezra not checking my blog until then. 🙂 Oh, and Austin never made it back into the tub. Oh well!

I love this one below. I was actually just trying to get a test shot, but I like the way the boys are turned as they hear their Daddy approaching. Also, seeing Micah standing like that makes me smile…he pulls up constantly now, but he looks like such a big boy here!

Taking after Mommy? Austin loves his camera. It’s cheap and takes horrible pictures, and I think he may have to get an upgrade this Christmas. He insisted on contributing to the photo shoot. I really wished I had captured this on video because he was hilarious…ordering Ezra and Micah around, but in a very polite, direct way (much better than me!) “Scoot this way and turn a little more!”

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Catherine Amiss Photography specializes in childhood lifestyle photography. Catherine shoots on location and serves the Roanoke, VA area.
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